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Buckeye Preparatory Academy's Mission and Vision

Mission Statement 
Buckeye Preparatory Academy is dedicated to improving the lives of its students by providing authentic learning experiences in a collaborative, nurturing environment that will build a foundation for students success in school, at future work, and in life.

To achieve the mission, our School will integrate current learning technologies into the classroom, offer authentic learning experiences that are respectful of how children learn best, and offer a schedule and support activities that enable each student to achieve to his or her potential. We want our students to leave the School with the skills and abilities necessary to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success as lifelong learners. This mission requires the support of the faculty, staff, families, and community in order to encourage and empower students to be responsible and valued citizens.

Vision Statement 
The Vision of Buckeye Preparatory Academy is to foster a love of learning and develop a multicultural environment, through communication that focuses on problem solving, scientific and technological strategies, languages and entrepreneurship ship in our students.

Weely Recap 2/5/16

This week was a fun filled week! Candy grams were wrote out to students and will be delievered next Fri Feb 12th to fellow students. Tuesday was a big exciting day as we had Muffins with Mom and it was a huge success check out our photo gallery from that event! Thank you to everyone who came and ate breakfast with their child! The second graders had special visitors that helped them make eggs and bacon a little twist on the classic Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs and Ham" and boy, did it look yummy! Don't forget Donuts with Dad is next Tues Feb 9th!

Weekly Recap 1-25-16

Ms. Clark's Cool Cats and Ms. Kopp's Krazy Koalas have been MAP testing in reading and math this week! They have also been working on the -sh digraphs for spelling and writing sequences of events. In math the students are working very hard to master counting by 10s, showing 10 more and 10 less, learning about place value.

Statewide Testing and Compulsory Attendance

Buckeye Preparatory Academy is a community school established under Chapter 3314 of the Revised Code. The school is a public school and students enrolled in and attending the school are required to take proficiency tests and other examinations prescribed by law. In addition, there may be other requirements for students at the school that are prescribed by law. Students who have been excused from the compulsory attendance law for the purpose of home education as defined by the Administrative Code shall no longer be excused for that purpose upon their enrollment in a community school.

Buckeye Bobcat Pledge

We are the Bobcats, the mighty Buckeye Bobcats

Calling all Bobcats, break it down right

P is for positivity, let peace begin

R is respect for our teachers and friends

I's for integrity, doing what's right

D's for dedication to reach higher heights

E is for excellence both here and at home

E is for Excellence up in your dome

E is for excellence follow the path

In history, reading, science and math.