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Staff Directory

Ms. Rebecca Allen
Educators: Kindergarten
I was born and raised in Ohio, but moved to Florida and lived there 28 years. I taught elementary school for 19 years. I recently moved to... Read More
Miss Jordan Blosser
Educators: 2nd grade teacher
Kimyata Conwell

Welcome, Mrs. Conwell is our new 2nd grade teacher. Please stop and inroduce yourself to her! We will miss Mrs. King, who relocated to... Read More

Mr. Michael Dunwoody
Educators: Socil Studies grades 4-6th

Mr. Dunwoody teaches Social Studies to students in grades 4-6th.

Miss Kandra Flavell
Educators: 3rd Grade Teacher


My name is Kandra Flavell and I teach 3rd grade. I graduated in 2011, from The Ohio State University with a degree in Early... Read More

Mrs. Marsha Hammond
Educators: K-6th Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Hammond is our Intervention Specialist. She provides services to our students who need additional support. She is a member of our... Read More

Miss Angonique Holloway
Educators: Math/Science grades 4-6th


Miss Holloway teaches math to students in grades 4-6th.

Miss Sandra Mauk
Educators: 1st grade

Miss Mauk teaches 1st grade.


Miss Abigail Wemhoff
Educators: PE teacher grades K-6th


Abigail is our Physical Education teacher. She teaches students in grades 4-6th.

Miss Delia Wilson
Educators: Grades 4-6 English Language Arts (ELA)


Hi, my name is Delia Wilson. I am a United States Navy Veteran who still loves everything about the military. I have two... Read More