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Mr. David Mounts

David Mounts is from Mansfield, OH and spent 10 years in the US Air Force as a personnel specialist and education and training manager. While in the Air Force, he was stationed in Alaska for 3 years where he earned his bachelors degree in accounting.

Upon leaving the Air Force, David worked at a national accounting firm doing both tax and audit work and then became the tax manager for Mt. Carmel Health System in Columbus. Later on, David felt his calling was to pastoral ministry and, in turn, pursued a masters degree in Divinity from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. However, circumstances changed with his family and he returned home to Mansfield before completing his studies. In his time at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, David found that his calling was education.

He then taught high school math to at-risk students in Mansfield for about 12 years. During this time he served on several ODE committees regarding standards, model curriculum, and licensure, along with content advisory committees for both the Math OGT and Algebra I AIR assessments. His classroom was designated as a model classroom for the College Preparatory Mathematics curriculum and I modeled instructional and assessment practices for teachers from all across the country.

David has three children of his own and two stepchildren. Upon his youngest's graduation from high school, he and his wife relocated so that he could accept his first principalship in Belpre, OH. David was hired as an assistant principal and served as the instructional leader for the building on the DLT and BLT and facilitated TBT activities.

David was later recruited to be the head principal for a nearby district, Fort Frye. There, he was trained extensively in the OIP, instructional equity, distance learning and career pathways, and assessment literacy. Later, he returned to Mansfield, where he served as a 6-12 principal in the area. Utilizing data to drive instructional decisions and working with at-risk students is David's forte and he plans to implement his experiance at Buckeye Preparatory Academy.