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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?
Charter schools are independently-operated public schools. Parents can choose to send their children to a public charter school outside of their “zoned” public school. There is no charge or tuition to attend a public charter school. While charter schools have flexibility in choosing curriculum and developing innovative teaching practices, charter schools must test students and report results, just like the government-operated public schools, as required by federal and state laws.


Our campus is secure with a complete campus camera system.  Additionally, all visitors are required to be screened at the office and wear a visitor’s badge.  All volunteers must complete a volunteer registration form prior to volunteering.


What sets Buckeye Prep apart from other schools?
Buckeye offers a choice for parents and students within the public school system. We place high emphasis on parent involvement and welcome parent participation. Our curriculum offers small group learning, allowing the teacher to focus on the needs of the individual child. Students learn PBL (Project Based Learning) with a focus on technology.

Buckeye Prep has:

  • Rigorous academic standards
  • An average of 22 students in each K-5 classroom
  • An average of 20 students in each 6-7 classroom
  • Integrated Technology into each project or lesson
  • Promotion of diversity and cultural awareness
  • After school clubs i.e. dance, drama, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading
  • Student involvement in community projects
  • After school tutoring
  • School Uniforms
  • Community business partnerships
  • Parent involvement through volunteering
  • Enhanced learning environment with a strict discipline policy


How much does it cost to attend Buckeye Prep?
Buckeye is a publicly-funded charter school. There is no tuition charged to attend a charter school.


Do students wear uniforms?
Yes. Buckeye students wear uniforms. The uniform is a burgundy polo shirt and Khaki Trousers, or Skirt. We find that simple, comfortable uniforms or a dress code mark learning as a serious endeavor and minimize student competition and distraction regarding dress.


Are Buckeye’s teachers certified?
Every Buckeye Teacher is certified to teach in the subject and grade-level to which they are assigned.  All staff will be highly qualified.


What can you tell me about the schools’ curriculum?
Project Based Learning (PBL) with technology integration is a central focus at Buckeye. Students are actively engaged in various projects and educational pursuits, while at the same time learning the essential knowledge and skills as outlined in the Common Core standards

Project Based Learning is defined as “a systematic teaching method" that engages students in learning essential knowledge and life-enhancing skills through an extended, student-influenced inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks.


Testing and Assessment
Buckeye students participate in the state assessment (OAA) Ohio Achievement Assessment as well as other school and district assessments.


School Hours
School starts promptly at 9:00 and dismisses at 3:30.


How do I enroll my child at Buckeye?
Come into the school and complete an enrollment packet or print it off from our website and mail or fax to the school.


Will there be a parent organization?
Yes. Buckeye will have a PTA.  We are looking for a PTA President.  If you are an interested parent please let us know.  All Parents are encouraged to join the PTA and attend meetings.


Is Transportation Available?
Yes. Transportation will be provided through Columbus Public Busing. More details coming.


Does Buckeye offer Breakfast or Lunch?
Yes. We offer breakfast and lunch to all students through the NSLP Food Service Program.  You will need to fill out the application when you enroll your child.


Do you have special education programs (IEP, Speech, ESL)
Yes. Buckeye provides services to any child with special needs with the goal of having the student become successful in regular classroom settings. Each child is evaluated to determine the most effective educational program we can provide, consistent with federal law.